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SONG TITLE: Sanusi/Oil money
PRODUCER: Smithsonian

 If you ever begin to see Sanusi all over the place, there’s only one explanation, you’ve got lots of money! The kind that comes from oil… Now every one wants lots of money but what you don’t know is that Sanusi is actually the new slang word for money. Don’t believe it? Listen to this song : SANUSI(OIL MONEY)
Currently disturbing the air waves is money song “Sanusi/Oil money” by Poet cum Rapper, Mr Rehd. Now why are we particularly interested in this song? Fact is, it’s a departure from the popular thematic focus of “shaking booties” and “popping champagne” that has become the mantra of most Naija dance songs. Sanusi, while it’s a dance track that can make you loose your high heeled peep toes or even fray your cute Nike snickers, still finds an interesting way to pass a message – Seize the moment, celebrate our culture, Nigeria’s got wealth and its ours so let it trickle down till every one begins to see Sanusi all over the place! Come to think of it, isn’t that what you want?
Interestingly, this guy aint forming rapper in this song, like he said “For this song me I no go form rapper”, so he gives it a different twist- an afro high life appeal. Now that’s a feat for a rapper aint it? The high powered bass, afro styled vocals and accompanying salsa claps make this song a darling of the air waves and it’s already happening. Tune your radio if you’re are in doubt. You’d be a 16th century robot if this song doesn’t make you dance!                                                                                                                                          listen here:

Mr Rehd’s lyrical and poetic genius is brilliantly played out in this song. The first verse is a tapestry of rhymes- - from “matter” to “maga” to “stammer, rapper, Alaba” … Can you beat that? Verse two takes us on a ride through “tomorrow, borrow, follow, kolo, olodo gbolo, tolotolo” - a feast of the craziest Naija street slangs! Impressing I’d say, for a grammarian like Mr Rehd. This artist is a mixture of two very different personalities - The highly educated poet and lyricist and the rugged Naija street guy. Both combine to make him a unique artist, contributing to his ability to connect with various segments of Naija’s music listening populace… Call him brains and brute, this guy’s definitely got his act together.
We did an interview with Mr Rehd two months ago. You need to check it out, it’s hilarious! Here’s an excerpt:
What's going on right now with your music,how has it been so far?

Well that's like two questions. I'll start with how has it been so far. Well it's been a looong tortuous road,you know,we've learned a lot of things, it's been a lot fun meeting people, growing in the music.. That's how it has been so far. Then...about what's going on right now, that's important. Right now we are promoting the songs. We've done singles, some of them are doing well out there in the public, we're moving on gradually. We are expecting great things in the future,new songs, more publicity, that's what's up.

Do you have any new songs you are promoting currently?
Yes, we are promoting three new songs. Actually one is not so new. It was done last year. The title is "Chop something" featuring Uk based rapper Linxman.
 The song has enjoyed massive air play and I've got very encouraging response from people out there. I also have a song called "How Far Eko" featuring Chycopelli and another one called "Sanusi/oil money". Those are the three songs out there right now and they are doing very well.

That last one sounds interesting, Sanusi and Oil money, what's the connection? What's the song about?
Ok, Sanusi is like a slang for money, if you look at the current Naira bills,you'll see the signature of Sanusi Lamido Sanusi, that's the central bank governor. So we are using Sanusi to express wealth,you know, oil money. Nigeria is a mono economy,our major source of revenue is oil,so right now, we are talking about the wealth that could be available to every one if the money from our oil is channeled properly.

The song sounds like a dance track, did you intend it to be a conscious song?
The song is a dance track. The lyrics aren't even conscious. It's just a feel good song. We are just saying "this is how it should be on a good day. We are supposed to be swimming in money in this country. See, we have so much money in Nigeria and people are still poor so we are saying this is the way it should be,not necessarily through the lyrics but through the fun in the music. The title is like a catcher. It's like saying "let's put away our troubles for a minute and let's celebrate. Let's celebrate our heritage,let's celebrate our culture. I mean,we already got a truck load of troubles so the least we can do is to be happy.
Read full interview here:

Mr Rehds disclaimer
Ever since I did this song, people have been asking me for money… people on my BlackBerry , on twitter on face book.. Its crazy men, every one asking me for money. Abeg o, Sanusi/oil money is just a song, I never said “I don hammer”, what I said was “e be like say I don hammer”. Listen to the lyrics. I’ve given out recharge cards to lots of people and the truth is I can’t reach every one, we still hustling for the money, so to all my fans who didn’t get recharge cards, sorry.. No prejudices men. It just didn’t go round, my promise is... Stick around a little longer, I’m sure we’ll get around to it, God willing. Thanks for your support. Peace and love.
Our hit back
What do you expect when you are spraying Sanusi all  over the place? Abeg settle us joor!
Alright guys, your comments please!


  1. nice interview...and nice song..keep it up MR REHD....

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  3. wow, great interview. We are looking foward 4 a video. Thanks. From prince

  4. 9c & interesting review!

  5. Originality at its best.I listened to the song SANUSI(OIL MONEY) and i can't get the hook out of my head.Bravo're destined for greatness

  6. Thanks for stopping by Kwurumen! Perharps the hook was meant for your head!

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