Tuesday, 10 April 2012

The Old And New African Evening

Balogun Oluwatimilehin Benjamin was born in 1987, in Nigeria’s historical town of Illesha. He is one of the rising voices echoing the rhythms of Africa’s soul and taking African poetry to the future. B writes with a depth and style that is both appealing and inspiring. This poem is one of the beautiful pieces in his vast collection.

The Old And New African Evening
I did swear it
See how time flies
Even almost to eye it flew
The old African evening
That newly-born Africans imagine
If ever had existed the old cool time at all

I’ve heard elders chat
Too in my tenderness have on the run imagined
After a long hard day on farm
Comes the enjoyable, gazeful and ever entertaining African evening
Compensating for the day’s hardness
Who would have ever doubt the enjoyment
In that cloud when cool air is mixed
With the pleasantness of those African serene
This the memory of the old compensating African evening

How it now becomes                            
What time pronounces
All the pleasantness of that past African pastime
Is of little significance
Men of nowadays, having spent all day in comfort
Surely reciprocal must withdraw such a pleasant moment
But consequently wise are they for scheduling these evenings tight
To have not the slightest of those memory
Of that enjoyable time of those days
That were perhaps extinct
T’is the new African evening.

 Balogun Oluwatimilehin Benjamin 2012

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