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                                                         Tchidi Jacobs,Editor

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The Emerge Review is an online magazine for African literature and writing. On The Emerge Review we aim to bring you news and reviews of the latest books from emerging and established authors all over Africa. Here you can connect and learn more about your favourite authors and their latest projects in our author interviews. The Emerge Review is a space to share and celebrate the beauty of African literature.

Our Journey

Our journey has been an inspiring one. Prior to launching the magazine online in 2011, we had become increasingly aware of the need for a magazine dedicated to capturing the Nigerian/African literary scene, in a unique and interesting way. We were inspired by the desire to encourage writing and reading in Africa because we believed that if we could get more people to read and more people to write, we could create a literary industry as thriving as our music and film industries. We saw the promotion of literary appreciation in Nigeria and by extension Africa, as a way of growing the industry and catalysing development on the continent. We also understood that in the 21ist century, a thriving literary industry had to be new-media driven while leveraging on traditional media. These were our convictions as we took the first tentative steps.

Our first interview was with Award winning Nigerian Blogger and Romance author Myne Whitman to whom we are most grateful. Since then we’ve published interviews with the likes of Eghosa Imasuen, Nnedi Okoroafor, Unoma Azuah, Chika Unigwe, Lara Daniels, Tolu Popoola, Empi Baryeh, Kiru Taye and Judy Croome. Through these interviews we have learnt one simple truth: That Africa’s stories can only to be best told by Africans.  

Our Goal

At The Emerge Review our goal is simple: To provide a platform for emerging African Writers to hone their craft, interact with like minds and make their voices heard, while bringing the best of African literature to the world.

Join Us

 Africa has come of age. There is a cultural awakening gently sweeping across Africa and it’s beautiful. Africa is the last frontier. We are calling all Africans to join us here, on The Emerge Review as we fan the embers of this Cultural Revolution to flames; as we encourage more voices to tell Africa’s stories and sing Africa’s songs, as we share and celebrate the beauty of our culture and help Africa emerge into a wondrous future!

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