Wednesday, 2 May 2012


 Only a line connects me to my family
And just enough it is to play safe;
Each passenger for his own home-
A full city eventually unperceived
My home –away but not out of view
Each person still in a race of his own line
Deserting some were seen doing,
Those whose line they themselves broke
There are always rooms to be found at least-
But no one is going to take my place
I know-,
not so many of them considered their home
They negotiate their pearl –for a space in the cab

With my humble mobile I call my home
At least this is enough a purpose
Clearly I connect to calls-
I am still the same boy passionately and consciously groomed-
It was a one my mum dropped for me
A trait she took time to sow,
Not a cultured or peer-pressured
Or even a lover presented- the most unexpected
A one of negotiated self esteem
No- that I wouldn’t take
A humble family makes a good beginning for a great child
And I still don’t want to break loose.

Balogun Oluwatimilehin Benjamin was born in 1987, in Nigeria’s historical town of Illesha. He is one of the rising voices echoing the rhythms of Africa’s soul and taking African poetry to the future. B writes with a depth and style that is both appealing and inspiring. This poem is one of the beautiful pieces in his vast collection.


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