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Movie Review: Desmond Elliots In The Cupboard

 By Cynthia Ugbe

 Watching Desmond Elliot's movie In The Cupboard reminded me of John Grisham's novel  The Testament. The stinkingly rich Desouza family is archetypal of the Troyfelan  family in The Testament. Both families have issues. Issues that find their way back to childhood. In both stories, the siblings never grew up together. Growing up in the family was simply a formality. The real life existed out there. All they needed was wait, wait till they came of age and phew! Off they went to different parts of the world, only to return when the old man died. You know the drill with stories like this? Home coming aint exactly like family reunion!  Why? Old wounds are reopened, egos clash, conflict of interests ensue, greed, secrets... the list could stretch on! Shades of the typical spoilt rich kid syndrome. Talking on the title of the movie, Director Desmond Elliot says it could have been Skeletons in the cupboard! Changed it on second thought.. now, in the cupboard is cool but Skeletons in the cupboard? You're right! Desmond Elliot got lucky on that one!
 Okay. To the scoop of the movie. The six  Desouza siblings  are gathered with their mother, the elegant Veronica 'Ronnie’ Desouza ( Biola
Williams) after the death of their father to hear the old man's will. They have come back from different parts of the world. There is a lot of salivating going on. Of course you can't see it but it's in their eyes when they look at each other and at the envelope containing the will. They all want a share of the old mans booty!

The will is a bag of secrets.

It hits every one like a bullet!

First is the startling revelation that Tega the second son is not a Desouza! Imagine having to find out that your family is not your real family! All hell is let loose when this secret is revealed! But it is just the beginning! More skeletons abound in the cupboard. What follows is a twisting and thickening plot that gets deeper and deeper until all members of the Desouza family are swimming neck deep in it... including their lawyer! The Desouza fortune had become a looming cloud over them.. threatening to tear the family apart!
 Biolla Williams plays the role of their matriarchal mother Caroline Ronnie Desouza who holds the answers to most of the questions, but she too must tread veeery very carefully. The over ambitious first son is Uti Nwachukwu. He is sly and dangerous but he does not know about the lawyers sizzling affair with his homosexual sister. She too has her eyes on the booty and the lawyer is her ace card... her one way ticket to the kingdom of wealth!

Other siblings are not left out in the Saga. They too are hatching their own plans, manipulating, creeping, hacking their way into the Desouza treasure chest! The last child Tara finds solace in her camera.. she is recording everything. Admist all the chaos, one thing still holds them together. They are family. So they must fight, and find that love that once held them together. The movie is set in the modern city of lagos.
          Desmond Elliot
In The Cupboard is an intriguing family saga that aims to highlight the Importance of families sticking together says Director Desmond Elliot.  "These days it is so disheartening to see
brothers and sisters at each other's throats over
issues of land, property and other things. This
movie just goes to show family are meant to stick
together". The movie was co produced by Caroline Danjuma and stared the likes of  Ini Edo, Uti Nwachukwu,
Lydia Forson, Morris Sesay and Biola Williams. In The Cupboard is currently showing in cinemas nationwide. 

Cynthia Ugbe is a banker and a Theater Arts graduate of  The University of Nigeria Nsukka. She is also a model, Aspiring  film producer and Movies Editor of  TER. Cynthia writes from lagos.

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